I love it!

21y old 5'5 gay guy studying in prague & still looking for love

killerbadkidsclub asked: Im 5'4 and here’s this stigma that short guys can’t be tops and its so annoying. I have fucked guys that were 6’1 and although it was a tad awkward right out of the gates, they loved how I fucked and said they were surprised. Surprised though? What’s so surprising about a guy who knows how to use his cock?? Gays need to get over the stigmas and learn to accept diversity. Hell, we demand people accept us for being gay yet we bash other gays for not being “this way” or “that way.” It has to stop.


Thank you! This shit is what pisses me off about the community! We are ever so judgmental of each other just based on appearance! When I start talking to a new guy I never go “oh he’s short & thin, total bottom” even tho that’s the common thought around here.

Although I prefer to top I keep an open mind about who I date, if he happens to prefer top I will bottom. And vice versa

young-nateski asked: As a dude who it takes forever to get my thick cock into a tight bottom, I appreciate y'all bottoms out there that don't mind a thick dick! Y'all must go through some serious pain cuz I feel y'all stretching. Y'all are the real heros.


Oh my goodness, all you bottoms who like fat cocks, there’s your man ;)